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Selection Criteria



The Buena Regional Athletic Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization formed in 2009 to recognize and celebrate the achievements of those special individuals, teams and supporters who have represented Buena Regional High School in an exemplary manner, both on and off the field of play, throughout their careers or affiliations with the school.  The Hall of Fame has encompassed the theory of maintaining the integrity, rich heritage and tradition of athletic success and excellence at Buena Regional High School.

1.  Selection of Inductees

Athletes must have:

1.       Graduated from Buena Regional High School

2.       Graduated at least five (5) years prior to induction

3.       Received Varsity letter(s) in one or more sports

4.       Demonstrated excellence in sport(s) of induction


5.       Highly accomplished in that sport following graduation, ie. Progressed on the collegiate level to become an All-American or participated/coached professionally.

6.       Served as examples of outstanding character, courage, ethical conduct, leadership and sportsmanship in which the Buena Regional School District seeks to maintain in its athletic program.

B.      Coaches must have:

1.       Eligible for consideration upon retirement of coaching position.

2.       Recognized by peers as a top level coach.

3.       Demonstrated an ability to enhance the athletic experience of the student athlete, while serving as a positive role model through exemplary leadership, sportsmanship, ethical conduct and character.

4.       Achieved accomplishments that merit outstanding recognition or significant contributions to the athletic program.

C.      Teams must have:

1.       Achieved elite teams status by winning one or more of:

a)      State Championship

b)      Group Championship

c)       County Championship

d)      League Championship

2.       Had varsity status during the season for which they are being nominated.

3.       Elapsed a minimum of eight (8) from the last date of play for their nominated season to be considered.

4.       Demonstrated the examples of outstanding character, ethical conduct and sportsmanship.

D.      Supporters must have:

1.       Demonstrated dedication to Buena Regional Athletic team(s) through donation of time, money or support for a minimum of five (5) years.

2.       Made outstanding contributions to the athletic programs other than coaching and/or playing but does not need to be a graduate or former employee of the Buena Regional School District.

3.       Demonstrated the examples of outstanding character, ethical conduct and sportsmanship.

E.       A person can be inducted in more than one category.

F.       Nominees will be considered posthumously.

G.     The Hall of Fame committee will determine the number of inductees in the inaugural year.  Following the first induction ceremony, approximately five (5) individuals or teams will be honored annually.


Plaques – Individual/Coach/Supporter

1.       Inductee plaque and school plaque – 8x10 inch inductee plaque with current 5x7 inch picture for individual to keep and one to be placed on foyer of gymnasium wall.

2.       Team plaque – perpetual plaque

3.       Custom certificates for team members and coaches


Once a year banquet to honor inductees

B.      Inductees given corsage and award

C.      Programs/selling of advertisements to support expenses

D.      50/50 tickets sold at event

E.       Host/nominator introduces each inductee followed by speech given by inductee.

F.       To be held in the late fall season as established and approved by the Hall of Fame committee.


Nominations open to all eligible individuals.

B.      Nominations open all year round and close on September 1st of banquet year.

C.      Nomination forms made available on the Buena Hall of Fame website, Buena Regional School District website, Buena Braves website, athletic director’s office and at all home sporting events.

D.      All entries must be submitted on the Buena Regional Athletic Hall of Fame nomination form.

E.       Nomination forms must be filled out accurately and completely for consideration.

F.       New inductees notified via telephone and follow up letter within the following week after the September 1st deadline.

G.     Potential inductees must be in attendance at the banquet in order to be inducted into the hall of fame.  If potential inductee is unable to attend the annual banquet for that year, the inductee will be entered into the hall of fame the following year(s) when the inductee is able to attend based on their availability.

H.      Any nominees not voted for induction into the Hall of Fame during the year of his/her nomination, will remain in consideration for two (2) additional years following nomination.  After that time period, the candidate must be re-nominated for consideration.

Administrative Issues

Ticket sales

1.       Ticket sales being available immediately following inductee(s) notifications.

2.       Ticket sales are the primary fundraising source.

3.       Sales must cover cost of banquet facility rental/food expenditures and additional related costs.

4.       Sales end on or about November 1st to allow preparation time for banquet planning

B.      Creation/Maintenance of Hall of Fame web page

1.       Announce existence of Hall of Fame

2.       Nomination form included

3.       Solicit donations

4.       Solicit advertisements

5.       Current sports updates

6.       Hall of Fame Committee contact information included

C.      Compilation of athletic graduates/coaches and/or supporter(s) contact information

D.      Plaque displays in foyer of high school gymnasium

E.       Hall of Fame bank account established and maintained

1.       Treasurer’s report will be available at any time for the review and monitoring of finances deposited, spent, withdrawn and moved.

2.       Treasurer’s report will be presented at each committee meeting for review.

Hall of Fame Committee Members


1.       Chairperson (will be selected by the committee on a yearly basis)

2.       Banquet/site person(s)

3.       Treasurer

4.       Award person(s)

5.       Advertising/Public relations person(s)

6.       Administrative support person(s)

7.       Technical support person(s)

B.      Any of the above listed positions with the exception of the chairperson and treasurer, may be held by one or more persons.

C.      Committee will meet throughout the year  to conduct business as necessary and will follow the duties and responsibilities as follows.

1.       Attend regular scheduled meetings

2.       Evaluate the nominations of individuals submitted who fulfill the requirements for consideration.

3.       Evaluate and update the policies and operational procedures of the Buena Regional Athletic Hall of Fame Guidelines on an annual basis or as deemed necessary to operate feasibly.

4.       Validate and approve all worthy candidates for induction.

5.       Keep all action of the Hall of Fame committee confidential.

D.      Voting procedures for Hall of Fame Inductees

1.       Review eligible candidates based on information available at the time after September 1st of the banquet year.

2.       After open discussion about candidates, a vote will be conducted for the purpose of choosing inductees.

3.       Each committee member shall rank candidates in order of desired induction preference with the top choice receiving the highest number.

4.       The inductees are determined by totaling the number of votes for each candidate.  To be approved for induction, the candidate must have a majority of the votes from the selection committee.

5.       The annual voting of the inductee(s) selection will be confidential.


Reserved exclusively for Buena Regional High School senior year student athletes that have received a varsity letter in one or more sports.

B.      Reserved for college bound student athletes that will be utilized for college tuition payment.

C.      Selection will be based on student athletes’ scholastic achievement, guidance counselor, teacher and/or coach(es) recommendation and extracurricular activities without regard to race, gender, religion or financial need.

D.      Eligible student athletes must have demonstrated the examples of outstanding character, ethical conduct and sportsmanship.

E.       The amount of scholarships to be awarded and the monetary value of the scholarships will be determined by the Hall of Fame committee and awarded based on the available funds as generated by revenue received from the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, fund raising, public and private entity donations and other means necessary to generate positive  non profit funding.

F.       Selection of student athletes to receive scholarships will be made on or about June 1st of the graduation year.

G.     Only applicants selected to receive a scholarship will be notified.

H.      Scholarships are not renewable and will be awarded once to the receiving student athlete.


Purpose Clause:  This organization is organized exclusively for educational purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future tax code.

B.      Dissolution Clause:  Upon dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future federal tax code or shall be distributed to the federal government or to a state or local government for a public purpose.




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